Aaveera Chosen as Brand Ambassador of Involve Your Senses Car Perfumes

Aaveera Singh Masson Statement 

Aaveera singh masson , commented on her brand ambassador ship  with involve your senses that, “ I feel honoured that they have chosen  me and have faith in me, honestly i’ve never been this motivated  outside of the acting field, its a very long relationship that I have with  the brand and I hope to make this a lifelong relationship.” 

Aaveera Singh Masson About the Brand 

“ I remember when I first received the product, it was different, it was so high quality and it lived  up to what they wanted me to promote and I remember saying to my team that this product is just  a game changer. I later got to know about their collaboration with fast and furious in two movies  and I instantly got so attracted and I started putting in work. The product they perfect is actually  just one of the best and I know we will be one of the best car perfume brands in India, I have full  faith in the Product and the brand.”  

Aaveera Singh Masson Signs Partnership with Involve Your Senses 

Involve Your Senses, Created by Canopy Essence Pvt Ltd. A highly acclaimed brand renowned for  its wide range of car perfumes has recently partnered with Aaveera Singh Masson. Involve Your  Senses has revolutionized the concept of car fragrances, transforming each drive into an  unforgettable journey. Already recognized for its exceptional products in the market, Involve is a 13  year old stellar brand with a rich history of exceptional associations. 

In today’s world, people seek not only comfort and style but also an immersive fragrance that  complements their personality while on the road. When it comes to luxury car fragrances, Involve  Your Senses stands out as a leading name. This partnership holds special significance as it promises  to redefine the experience for those who appreciate premium scents during their drives. 

Aaveera is Seen Promoting Involve Car Perfume Across Media Platforms 

Aaveera Singh, a renowned North Region actress known for her captivating performances in  various Punjabi music albums, has taken her association with the automotive industry to new  heights. The talented artist is actively promoting “Involve Your Senses,” the premium car perfume  brand. 

With her immense popularity and widespread acclaim, Aaveera Singh has become a household  name in the North Indian entertainment industry. Her versatile acting skills and magnetic presence  have garnered a devoted fan following. Now, she is lending her influence and charm to “Involve Your Senses,” an established brand specializing in premium car perfume, air fresheners and car  accessories. 

By actively promoting “Involve Your Senses” on her social media platforms, Aaveera Singh is  introducing the brand to her vast fan base and followers. Her belief adds a personal touch and  credibility, encouraging car enthusiasts to explore the range of premium car perfumes and  accessories offered by the brand. 

The promotion of this partnership will encompass a range of mediums, including highlighting on  popular social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Through her engaging content,  Aaveera has effectively conveyed the brand’s message, emphasizing the importance of a pleasant  

driving environment and the role that Involve Car Perfume plays in enhancing the overall  experience. Her efforts have increased brand awareness and boosted sales. 

Expressing her thoughts on the association, Aaveera stated.”I am thrilled to be associated with  ‘Involve Your Senses,'” Aaveera Singh shared enthusiastically. “Their commitment to quality and  the luxurious experience they offer align perfectly with my values. As someone who appreciates the  finer things in life, I am excited to promote a brand that brings elegance and indulgence to the  automotive world.” 

Dinesh Patel, the Director of “Involve Your Senses,” expressed great delight about the  collaboration, stating, “We are honoured to partner with Aaveera Singh, a talented and highly  respected actress. Her association with our brand will unquestionably elevate our presence in the  market and strengthen our position as the most trusted brand for premium car perfumes. Together,  we aim to create an unforgettable sensory experience for car owners.” 

Patel’s statement highlights the company’s enthusiasm for the collaboration, emphasizing the  significance of having Aaveera Singh on board. Recognizing her exceptional talent and widespread  admiration, Patel believes that her association with “Involve Your Senses” will profoundly impact  the brand’s visibility and reputation. By leveraging Aaveera Singh’s influential presence, the  company seeks to solidify its position as the leading provider of premium car perfumes. 

For the past 13 years, “Involve Your Senses” has earned the trust and admiration of customers,  emerging as the go-to brand for premium car perfumes. Their commitment to delivering  unparalleled quality and innovative products has set them apart in the market. Their association  with Aaveera Singh is a testament to their dedication to excellence and their desire to provide  customers with an enhanced sensory experience.

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