Actor Sonu Sood Honoured By SpiceJet For His Humanitarian Efforts

The year 2020 gave the world scars that will take years to heal. The global pandemic of Coronavirus resulted in thousands of casualties, deaths, Loss of jobs, loss of education and millions of other problems. The situation had become so tense that the whole world had to go to total lockdown state for almost the whole year. On 23 March, 2020 Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared a total lockdown for 21 days. Who knew that these 21 days would stretch to months and people would wait for the day to come when they will finally return to their respective jobs. Everyone suffered, but one specific section of the country had to go through a much worse fate.

The migrant workers who had travelled hundreds of kilometers in search of work to different states, leaving their hometowns had to return to their houses. But due to closure of transport services, they had to complete their journey on foot. Travelling hundreds of kilometers on foot, the idea itself feels inhumane. The whole nation saw the deaths of hundreds of helpless migrant workers everyday, but one man stood for them. Bollywood actor Sonu Sood exhibited the true values of humanity. He arranged special buses for these poor and helpless citizens of the country and even arranged flights for many. The man fed starving people, reunited families, saved lives and showed the world humanity is still alive.

Now, to honour this heroic and unimaginable humanitarian effort by the actor, Indian Top Airline, SpiceJet has paid a tribute to Sonu Sood. The airline has imprinted Sonu’s image on their airplanes with “A Salute To The Saviour Sonu Sood” written on it. It is a remarkable gesture by the airline to show their respect for the artist’s selfless work. 

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