Actor Veer Rajwant Singh Shared And Appreciated A Beautiful Song By Anirban Chowdhury

Today is the time of everything modern. In such a case it’s not easy to come across something which touches your heart. 

But if we talk about Indian actor Veer Rajwant Singh, he recently shared a beautiful memory about when he found the peace for his mind. Recently, Veer shared a video on his Instagram account and captioned it with a very beautiful & personal note. 

He shared a melodious track by Anirban Chowdhury which is directly dedicated to crying. Yes we have listened to many songs which are sad about the sad emotions, but this track is beyond them all. Believe us when we say there is magic in Anirban’s voice and he will catch your attention too if you come across this post while random scrolling. 

The song is ‘Roney Na Diya’ whicj says,

“Rone walon se kaho unka bhi rona ro lein, 

Jinko majboori-e-haalat ne roney na diya”.

While Veer shared the cover version of this song sung by Anirban, he also shared his emotional story and the reason why he is connected to this song & video.

He wrote that he was once scrolling through Facebook where he found this video and got stuck with the line “Jinko Majboori-e-haalat ne roney na diya”.

He further talked about how common and important crying is for us. And he recommended this song in the voice of Anirban to his fans. After noticing this special post, we decided to listen to it, and we must say the song is worth listening a million times.

We believe this video should reach every individual who is going through a tough time. Though this song is not going to make them feel happy or any less sad, it will make them realise it’s okay to not feel okay sometimes.

We highly appreciate the lyrics by Sudarshan Faakir and the vocals and beautiful efforts of Anirban as well.

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