Actress Gul Panag Shares Pictures With A Simulator As She Practices Her Pilot Skills

Actress Gul Panag Shares Pictures With A Simulator As She Practices Her Pilot Skills

Gul Panag is a popular actress who has proven her skills in movies and web series like Straight, The Family Man and Paatal Lok. But not many people know her interests and specialisations in other fields too. She has been a model, is a social activist, fought elections, and is also an amazing biker and certified pilot too. All it’s not common in any way to witness all these supreme skills in a single person.  

Recently talking about her piloting skills, Gul Panag shared a post on her Instagram account. The post is a collage of three pictures in which Gul Panag is seen practicing with thr help of a simulator. Talking about this in her caption, she wrote,

“If one hasn’t floen for over 21 days, one cannot fly again ‘solo’ unless released by an instructor to do. Basically the instructor ( a pilot trained to and cleared to inspect) must asses whether the pilot under observation is safe to fly alone. Sometimes one is released to fly solo immediately, while at other times, flying a few hours under the supervision is recommended. Now as a hobby pilot, one pays to fly, per hour. So it makes sense to be up to the speed with motor skills so that one spends the least time trying to get cleared for solo. That’s why I use the sim, to practice, practice and practice. “

She also expressed how she is different from other pilots who fly 3-6 days in a week, as she only flies for her hobby that too twice a month. 

After this, she shared one more beautiful post in which she is seen simulating with her son Nihal sitting on her lap. 

Gul Panag indeed is an epitome of inspiration for all of us and we must say that all the hats are off after seeing the versatility in Gul Panag’s skills. 

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