Actress Isha Rikhi Talks About Male Dominated Industry & Wamiqa Gabbi Couldn’t Agree More

Who doesn’t know the fact that Punjabi Music & Film Industry is supremely Male dominated? We all do. But are there enough people who come forward to talk about this issue? No! 

By saying male dominated, we don’t mean that the male actors and artists working in the industry are less deserving or overrated. But the motive is just to highlight the fact that women here are given lesser opportunities as compared to men.

And this is exactly what Isha Rikhi talked about in one of her interviews. Wamiqa Gabbi has recently shared the clips of the interview on her Instagram stories and cheered for Isha’s courage to speak up about all this. 

First let us discuss what’s inside the interview that caught Wamiqa’s attention. Isha Rikhi spoke up about how people target her by saying that she undoubtedly is extremely pretty but cannot act on screen. She expressed that the people judge her skills without knowing the fact that she hasn’t received challenging enough roles in which she can prove her worth. While male actors find supreme roles easily, women have to struggle to get work in the industry. 

She also bluntly talked about how some filmmakers threaten the female actress when they reject their movie offer due to any reasons. She specified the sentence used by the directors, as she said they openly say, ‘Achha, Mainu Mana Karengi’

Isha also revealed how easily female actresses are replaced if the directors find them doing anything beyond their expectations, and when they demand money according to their experience. 

While Isha has spoken up and spilled the beans about the industry, Wamiqa Gabbi stood by her and shared her interview and appreciated her for speaking up.

Wamiqa wrote,

‘It takes guts to say the truth… Happens with all the actresses, including character artists of our punjabi industry but they choose not to talk about it because…….. well I’m sure they have their reasons.’

Clips of Instagram stories, related to this article:

There are actresses who have directly and indirectly talked about it, but the way Isha Rikhi and then Wamiqa Gabbi opened up about it is commendable. 

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