Actress Priyanka Chopra Raises Rs 22 Crore And Procures 500 Oxygen Cylinders

Priyanka Chopra‘s fundraiser, which is associated with GiveIndia, managed to raise $3 million (Rs 22 crore). Just few days ago she started an initiative #TogetherForIndia, to help her country India to fight this battle against COVID-19.

She has now shared that her initiative has been able to reach the target of Rs.22 crore and The funds are successfully used to procure oxygen concentrators, oxygen cylinders and to hire labour. 

In her Instagram update, she shared with the followers about how the donations are being used to help the ones suffering from COVID-19. The foundation has been able to gather 500 oxygen concentrators which can actually provide to more than 2500 patients every month. 

They have also been able to hire manpower and labour for at least 10 vaccination centers and purchased 422 oxygen cylinders. She shared the update with her followers on Instagram stories. Everyone seemed to thank this talented 38-year-old actress for her generous donations. 

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She also appreciated and thanked every single one of the people who have donated and made these actions possible. This initiative has saved so many lives and made India even stronger in this battle.

Source: IndiaToday

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