Actress Tania Updates Her Fans About Bajre Da Sitta Shoot And Much More In Her QnA

Actress Tania Updates Her Fans About Bajre Da Sitta Shoot And Much More In Her QnA

Renowned Punjabi Actress Tania recently held an Instagram Q&A session with her fans and answered many questions the fans were waiting for. A fan asked her about her upcoming much awaited Punjabi movie ‘Bajre Da Sitta’ and Tania’s reply is big news for Punjabi cinema fans. The shoot for the upcoming film ‘Bajre Da Sitta’ is complete. She also revealed that she is very excited for all of her upcoming films, including Bajre Da Sitta too. 

Another fan asked Tania to update her fans about all of her upcoming projects. Though Tania did not reveal any project but she said that many interesting projects are ready with their team for the audience, all they await is a positive response from the audience since theatres have finally re-opened.

Tunka Tunka and Puaada will be the first of the Punjabi films to be released in the theatres after upliftment of the COVID-19 ban and Tania demanded the audience to support the industry so that latest projects ready with them could be unveiled.

Another movie date was also revealed by Tania. Another fan questioned her if the shooting for another much awaited film ‘Lekh’ starring Gurnam Bhullar has been completed. She told that only one schedule of the movie remains undone, otherwise the movie’s almost ready. 

Lekh is also a much awaited project due to the fact that the actors Gurnam and Tania had both gained heavy chunks of weight to get into the physical appearance of the character required. Tania has a huge line of projects lined up for her career and we can expect them to release very soon.

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