Actress Who Once Accused Anurag Kashyap For Sexual Harassment, Arrested Of Stealing Wallets

A very startling news has been rounding all over the news headlines, in which it has been reported that Bengali actress Rupa Dutta, who had once accused Bollywood filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of sexual harassment, was arrested for pickpocketing in Kolkata.

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Actor Rupa Dutta was arrested for allegedly committing attention diversion theft at the venue of the International Kolkata Book Fair, Kolkata police reported on 13 March that the incident happened at night on 12 March. Kolkata’s Bidhannagar North police station disclosed that cops on duty at the ground saw a young woman throwing something like a bag in the dustbin and raised an alarm. When they searched out, they saw several purses and Rs 75,000 in cash were found from her bag.

It has also been quoted by PTI that “The woman has been arrested in connection with ‘kepmari’ (attention diversion theft) and further investigation is underway to find out whether more people are connected with the crime.”

She is the same actress who once mistakenly accused acclaimed filmmaker Anurag Kashyap of sexual harassment. For the unversed, in 2020, the actress had alleged that director-producer Kashyap sent her inappropriate messages on Facebook. But later on, it was indicated that she was actually chatting with another man with the same first name as Anurag. At that time the actress had also shared screenshots of her chat through her Twitter handle.

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