Forced To Work As A Zomato Delivery Boy, After India’s First Trans Trainee Pilot Declared “Temporarily Unfit” By DGCA

Adam Harry, India’s first transgender trainee pilot, had a dream of flying commercial jets after the completion of his training. But unfortunately, he has been mocked by the DGCA, and now has to work as a Zomato delivery employee. The 23-year-old Harry went trending across the media as India’s first transgender trainee pilot in 2019.

As per the DGCA, Harry is unfit for flying as long as he is on hormone therapy. The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) called him “temporarily unsuitable” after a rigorous psychometric evaluation, which is unusual. The folks who transport the passengers have said the most ludicrous things to him. Unfortunately, Harry was bombarded with numerous transphobic questions throughout the evaluation. 

As per the media reports, during birth, Harry was assigned as a female, but later on he identified himself as a transgender due to physiological changes like a male voice and beard. The DGCA called him “temporarily unfit” due to gender dysphoria (when a person’s gender and his biological sex doesn’t match). 

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Adam Harry obtained his PPL (Private Pilot License) from South Africa and subsequently enrolled at Rajiv Gandhi Academy for Aviation Technology in Thiruvananthapuram in January 2020 to pursue a CPL. The government of Kerala helped him in taking admission at a flying institute to fulfill his dreams. 

As per the media reports, Harry has been told by the officials to first get his hormonal therapy completed, then apply again for the medical test.

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