Adhi Tape: Garry Sandhu Reveals The Release Date Of The Album, Also Announces Second Part

Adhi Tape: Garry Sandhu Reveals The Release Date Of The Album, Also Announces Second Part

We finally understand what ‘Adhi Tape’ meant. Garry Sandhu has now officially announced the release date of his much awaited album ‘Adhi Tape’. The album consisting 6 songs will be released on 11 November, 2021. The tracklist had already been revealed by the artist along with the album’s poster.

Earlier this year, Garry Sandhu had shockingly called off his singing career. The artist had claimed to have damaged his voice due to excessive alcohol consumption and had even hinted at leaving the industry forever. He’d said that he might never be able to sing a song again. But here we are now! Waiting for the 4th album from our favourite artist.

Adhi Tape: Garry Sandhu Uncovers The Poster And Tracklist Of His Upcoming Album

Garry uploaded a post on his Instagram handle and announced the released date of the album. Interestingly the album is titled ‘Adhi Tape’ and now, we rightly know what that means. The 6-song tracklist that was announced by Garry earlier, is only the first part or the first half of the album. It is going to carry a sad romantic vibe to it. The other half of the album, or the remaining Adhi Tape will also be coming out soon.

The next part of the album will probably have a Bhangra vibe to it, in contrast to the sad romantic low vibe of the first part. Garry Sandhu is one of those few artists who are best in both the departments. Whether it is a bhangra song, a dance song or a sad romantic song, Garry has given super hits in all the genres.

The caption of Garry’s announcement post also brings Garry’s vocal health in attention. The artist wrote that till the time the second part of the album comes out, his voice will be great again, which also means that it is still not completely fine. Anyways, Garry is still a blessing to our ears and we are eagerly waiting for 11 November to arrive!

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