Adhi Tape: Garry Sandhu Uncovers The Poster And Tracklist Of His Upcoming Album

Adhi Tape: Garry Sandhu Uncovers The Poster And Tracklist Of His Upcoming Album

2021 can be officially tagged as the ‘Year Of Albums’. We saw almost every mainstream singer announcing and making their albums all the way public for the listeners. The next to be on the desk is artist Garry Sandhu who freshly unveiled the first poster look of his 4th album. He also shared the tracklist of his album. 

Garry had previously given many hints about his album and also recently shared a post captioned as ‘Adhi Tape‘. Now it is official that this is the name for his forthcoming album. Adhi Tape will consist of a total of 6 songs. Those are titled as: 

  1. Fitoor
  2. Holiday
  3. Hello
  4. Dil Tod
  5. Heer Hasdi
  6. Loading

This will be Garry Sandhu’s 4th album after the former 3 successful albums, Fresh, Magic & Fresh All The Way. Now Adhi Tape joins the league as it will be the next one after these successful albums way back. Lyrics, Singing and Composing for Adhi Tape is done by Garry Sandhu himself. 

The album will be released on the official YouTube channel of Garry Sandhu owned Fresh Media Records which have almost every previously Garry Sandhu released songs. Good Luck was the last song of Garry Sandhu. After that he hasn’t delivered anything from his side. But now he came with a bundle of joy as he shared the entire album’s tracklist which has a total of six number of songs. 

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This announcement has made everyone very excited and amazed. It will be surprising to see what Garry Sandhu comes up with this album of his. No other details from the artist have been released yet. 

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