Adhi Tape Review: Garry Sandhu Proves He Still Has That Old Magic In His Voice!

Adhi Tape Review: Garry Sandhu Proves He Still Has That Old Magic In His Voice!

When Garry Sandhu first announced his album ‘Adhi Tape’, the audience were worried due to the fact that according to Garry, he had damaged his voice due to excessive consumption of alcohol. There was a point when Garry had almost left singing forever! But time took its toll and here we are, jamming to the all new 6-song album, Adhi Tape, by Garry Sandhu.

First of all, don’t even think you will notice a slight change in Garry’s voice, because there’s none. It is still as sweet, as unique, as magical and melodious as it was before! The best part about the album is that all the songs are of the genre that suits Garry the best, romantic songs. Feelinga, Holiday, Fitoor, Hello, Heer Hasdi and Dil Tod are the names of the tracks of Adhi Tape.

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The music is an all new feeling. Adhi Tape has young and talented music producers behind the music systems and they’ve done their job in the most perfect way possible. It is sweet to the years when it should be and it is upbeat when it should be! Drill Music seems to be the new trend in the industry and it can also be heard in many Adhi Tape songs too.

Along with the vocals, Garry has also lent his pen to all the songs in the album. And there’s no question that he is one of the best lyricists presently in the industry. The song ‘Heer Hasdi’ specifically, stands out. The Mixing and mastering has also been top class. All in all, with great artists working in every department, Adhi Tape has come out to be an excellent musical journey. You will have all types of songs in this one!

Hold on! This is not it. It is only ‘Adhi’ Tape. Just before the release of the album, Garry had announced that he will soon be coming with a second part of the album. While this one was more of a romantic part, the other half is going to be a ‘Bhangra’ album. The first part has already raised our expectations with the other ‘Adhi Tape’ to come! Let’s hope now Garry drops a hint or an official update regarding the part 2 of the album soon.

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