Afsana Khan Breaks Bigg Boss Rules, Gets Punished Along With Other House Members

Afsana Khan Breaks Bigg Boss Rules, Gets Punished Along With Other House Members

Bigg Boss 15 has been on air for almost 5 weeks and every other day some or the other controversial yet surprising incidents happen inside the house. The in house contestant Afsana Khan is also making headlines with her quirky remarks and acts inside the house. 

Yet another time Afsana Khan was seen losing her control inside the house but this time it was not because of her indulging into a fight with the co-contestants but due to the reason that she and the other housemates were punished by the Bigg Boss and co-contender Jay Bhanushali blamed her for the same. 

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Housemates were given a task to state the names of the other house members who usually break the rule inside the BB house. Most of them took Afsana Khan and Shamita Shetty as one sleeps even after the morning song and regular alarms and the other loses control on the language and speaks English respectively. On the basis of this task the ration quantity for the week was to be decided. 

But during the ongoing task Afsana slept in a corner and Shamita by the force of habit spoke English ignoring the fact that Hindi is the only language allowed inside the house. This striked to Bigg Boss and he decided to cancel the task which was meant to be for the takeaway of the week’s ration and as a result of this housemates were punished by not getting the ration for a week. 

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Shamita Shetty got angry with Bigg Boss as she said that she was not the only one who spoke in English, other housemates too spoke the language in front of her. To this, other contestants including Jay Bhanushali reacted and got disappointed with the cancellation of a week’s kitchen ration. He then blamed Afsana Khan as she slept during the task which was already going on for the same rule violation thing. 

This made Afsana angry and she cried and shouted out loud upon Jay as not only her but Shamita was also included equally in this then why is he only blaming her. After some serious fighting and screaming, Afsana was relaxed by her in-house friends. 

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