Afsana Khan Calls Fellow Contestant Rajiv Adatia A ‘Jungli Suar’. Here Is Why

Rajiv Adatia, the first wild card contestant, has been into a good bond with almost everyone inside the house just after he made a wild card entry in Bigg Boss 15. We even saw Rajiv Adatia’s good friendship with Afsana Khan and also quite randomly visible creating fun and entertaining moments inside the house as both of them are somewhere jolly in nature. 

During a recent task, Rajiv nominated Vishal Kotian and was clearing the things with Miesha Iyer late night for the same. The house’s lights were switched off for the contestants to shut themselves down. Afsana Khan, who was lying next to Rajiv Adatia’s bed, was constantly requesting him to stay quiet as she had taken some medicines and needed to sleep immediately. Rajiv, being jolly, decided not to do so and started a cute verbal fight with her at the moment. 

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Afsana Khan was irritated as she wanted to sleep and asked him another time to stay quiet otherwise she would not let the whole house sleep that night. Rajiv Adatia said that he will keep talking, no matter what. To which Afsana replied in a hilarious manner, ‘Aapki Chuu Chuu Pae Pae Sun Sun Ke I Am So Irritate, Jungli Suar’. And this sentence was what Rajiv made up his mind hearing and decided to annoy his friend more. 

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This entire session continued for some time and ended up with a funny pillow fight among Vishal, Afsana and Miesha.  Where we mostly see some serious wars inside the house these two make us laugh with their funny gestures with each other. 

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Meanwhile, both Afsana Khan and Rajiv Adatia are safe from nominations of this week apart from getting their names into the nominations list by the fellow contenders, and the nominated contestants this week are Umar Riaz, Simba Nagpal, Miesha Iyer, Ieshaan Sehgaal and Nishant Bhat. 

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