Afsana Khan Finally Had An Emotional Breakdown After The Several Fights In The First Week Of Bigg Boss

Afsana Khan Finally Had An Emotional Breakdown After The Several Fights In The First Week Of Bigg Boss

Bigg Boss fights are raging up day after day. We saw Afsana Khan’s wild avatar in the previous week where we saw her fighting with Vidhi Pandya, Tejasswi Prakash and Umar Riaz. Now these ongoing fights took another turn which resulted in Afsana’s emotional breakdown in the weekend ka war episode. 

Where everyone was seen enjoying the garba night with the guests in the house, Afsana was seen shedding tears away from the people inside the house. Salman Khan, during a fun task, asked co-contestant Umar Riaz about who he thinks will betray the friends in the future in upcoming weeks. To this question, Umar responded and took Afsana’s name in a trice. This response left Afsana Khan bowled over and took it to heart. Another identical response for her was given by Shamita too. 

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This whole situation forced Afsana to think that nobody supports her and stands by her. During the dance performance, she ran inside the BB house and cried out loud. She also remembered the entire fights and arguments which she was into last week.  

She shared her feelings to co-contestants, Pratik Sehajpal & Nishant Bhat, of how she thinks of everybody and returned what she gets is the tag of ‘Betrayal’ to her name. During this scenario, she was crying and also remembering her fiance who Afsana says she is very much attached to as she is feeling missed out and lonely in the house. 

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This season 15 of Bigg Boss is gearing up like anything and the audience got to see some amazing highlights which usually come out after the passing of 4-5 weeks inside the house. The first week finished with a superb start and an eviction of Sahil Shroff from the BB house. Now forwarding to the second week there will be undoubted fun and entertainment coming from the contestants.  

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