After India To BHARAT, Kangana Ranaut Wants To Change Few More Things, Check Here

Kangana Ranaut has never been afraid to share her viewpoints on social media platforms, even if the outcome of her views often gets backlash, or on rare occasions, gets her restricted from a social media platform. While some of her opinions are debatable, some are hot-takes, This Queen has never shied away from conveying them.

After the change of India’s name, to which she gave a reason, you can read below:

Now again the actress is making headlines. This time she gave techniques for coping with the lack of oxygen in the human body. She suggested planting trees should help, and so will recycling clothes, among other things.

Though she is right, as there is no doubt that these things are good for the surroundings and our health, we can assure you that recycling clothes will not help if anyone’s oxygen levels drop due to any medical reason.

The method for bearing with the lack of oxygen in the environment. This is relatively simple: Everyone using oxygen should promise to improve air quality.

Here, she specifically mentions the people who used the oxygen. She said they must give what they have taken.

However, not only this, she even explains what is artificial and what is basic, in the comment box of Actor Ayushaman Khurrana’s post. 

Moreover, her perception of COVID is “It is nothing but a small-time flu which got too much press and now psyching few people.”

Do you think this situation is as simple as she said? Meanwhile, due to spreading hateful conduct, Kangana Ranaut’s Twitter account was permanently suspended from microblogging sites. 


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