After Karan Aujla, Sharry Maan Issues Statement On Viral Video With Lawrence’s Brother

Two prominent names in the Punjabi music industry, Sharry Maan and Karan Aujla, recently came into a sudden unusual limelight due to their viral video in which both were seen performing at a wedding function on being asked by a common friend. Sharry Maan posted the video on his social media handle, and soon, the video sparked the internet as netizens noticed Sidhu Moosewala’s alleged murderer Lawrence’s brother in the background.

When this video clip spread all over the internet, people started trolling both Karan Aujla and Sharry Maan. So to put light on the matter, Karan Aujla shared a statement via his official Instagram channel, in which he said he was not aware of who was present at the wedding function except his friends and Sharry Maan. 

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Now the other statement came from Sharry Maan, who was also there at the event. He also posted his statement on his official Instagram account. In the lengthy note, 

Sharry Maan wrote:

“As an artist, I am asked to perform at many different venues for a wide range of different types of people. Recently, I had also performed in Bakersfield, Cali-alongside Karan Aujla. My team who handles my bookings don’t always have an opportunity to check or inquire too much about who is booking me and what their family dynamics or even social reputations are. We simply ask what particular songs, duration of the performance and if a live band is needed.

At the end of the day, this is a business and just like any other business we simply deliver to the clients. I hope you understand there are always a lot of fingers ready to be pointed at artists like myself in this industry and I have accepted that years ago.

Please always stay safe and may Waheguru bless you all. I have always appreciated your on-going support.”

Moreover, he requested others to stop spreading hate amid the constant video clips going viral and trolling the artists on being somehow associated with the brother of Sidhu Moosewala’s alleged killer.

However, both Artists have denied all such allegations that were put against them by social media users.

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