Ahmedabad Police Get Air Conditioned Helmets To Get Protection From Heat; See Viral Photos

Our Indian police are no less than a film director or a scientist when it comes to teaching lessons to the citizens. From making short informative videos to devising certain helpful instruments, our policemen surely are super skilled. 

Police in Ahmedabad have started doing something very unique which is difficult to process. The Ahmedabad police have started trials for AC helmets for the police men who spend long hours at the traffic signal doing their duties in the scorching heat. These helmets will be battery operated which will protect the policemen from heat, dust and pollution. 

These helmets look like any other helmet which these people wear but within them, there is a fan which throws cool air like an AC. A cable is supposed to get fastened around the waist which connects the battery of the helmet. Best part about these helmets is that they can be used for several hours once they are fully charged. 

This initiative is a great move to protect our policemen from heat strokes and blistering heatwaves. In monsoon they are provided with raincoats and in winter jackets are given to them but there was no solution for the summer season. However with this now, it will be easier for the cops to perform their duties with utmost attention and good health.

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