AI-Generated Photos Of Celebrities Preparing And Serving Ramadan Iftar Food Goes Viral

Artists using AI tools to create amazing results have become a viral trend on social media. As a result, many artists use technology to create one-of-a-kind and unimaginable outcomes. And recently, a new set of AI-generated images that immediately grabbed the attention features famous personalities serving Iftar during Ramadan on the street in Dubai’s Karama. 

The images were made by the AI enthusiast artist Jyo John Mulloor with the artificial intelligence image generator Midjourney. 

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Cristiano Ronaldo, Pope Francis, Bruce Willis, Will Smith, Johhny Depp, Tom Cruise, David Beckham, Emma Watson, and Keanu Reeves, among others, were featured prominently in the post. 

The caption of the eye-catching photos read: ”As I wandered through Dubai’s Ramadan food street, I stumbled upon a group of chefs and waiters who looked like celebrities. But there was something more to them than just their looks – they were volunteers! These amazing individuals were cooking and serving food to the less fortunate during the holy month of Ramadan. Inspired by their kindness, I decided to spread the message of not wasting food and helping those in need. Let’s make this Ramadan season a time of giving, and donate our surplus food to those who need it most. Join me in supporting these selfless volunteers and making a difference in our community.” 

In the pictures, football star Cristiano Ronaldo is seen preparing a meal while Pope Francis oversees the preparation; Ronaldo, David Beckham, Emma Watson, Will Smith, and Keanu Reeves are in aprons, chopping spices and preparing food, while Tom Journey and Bruce Willis are searching for something to eat.

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The realistic pictures have mesmerized users who couldn’t stop praising the artist’s creative mind. “The seriousness of their face makes those soo realistic!!” said one user. “The Keanu picture is real,” another person said. A third added, ”David Beckham seems to be an expert cook.”
The artist earlier also created a stir on social media when his creation of Game of Thrones characters in Indian attire went viral, which was also made by using Midjourney.

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