AI Generated Images Of Orry In Ancient Times Get Viral; Here Are The Images

Orry is the new talk of the country. Orhran Awatramani aka Orry is the most trending person of the B Town. His witty and unapologetically funny behaviour catches the eye of every person making them fall in love with his personality. 

Orry fever is the new thing now. His interesting conversations and expressing style has made him everyone’s favourite. The pictures emerging from Ori’s star-studded parties attract a lot of attention of the users on social media. People are most curious to know about their profession. Users are very interested in what work Ori does. These days Ori is in the news regarding her entry in Bigg Boss 17.

Recently a user on Instagram @sahixd has shared some AI generated pictures of Orry throughout history with some popular legends like Mahatma Gandhi, Rabindranath Tagore, Charlie Chapil, Newton etc. 

In the images, Orry can be seen posing with the ancient legends. Users can’t stop pouring their love on the post. Here are some images- 

People have flooded the comment section with their curiosity and appreciation for the user. The instagram user has created a whole new orryverse which people can’t stop obsessing about. AI has been used a lot to play with the technology and creativity. Earlier some users generated AI images of the Mahabharata characters that included the bollywood celebs. Before that during the release of Adipurush, the users generated AI images of real life Ramayana characters.

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