Safar: Ajay Nanda Releases His New Punjabi Soulful Song That Has Already Won Several Hearts

Music industry is one such industry that never stops growing. Music is an art which can only be mastered by a few artists. Everyday a new artist comes up with their set of skills and releases a new track which paves the way of fame for that particular artist. 

One such budding artist is Ajay Nanda who is winning hearts with his melodious voice and impactful music. With his soulful singing, Ajay Nanda is impressing his audience and making some new fans. 

Recently, he released his song “Safar” which has earned more than 1 lakh views on youtube. Safar is a slow, romantic and emotional song whose Music video is directed by GK Visuals. 

The catchy music and intense lyrics of this song make it a perfect piece of art with soulful vibes. The lyrics of this song are written by Ajay Nanda himself who even sang it. With such a magical and soothing voice, the artist has indeed won the heart of his fans as the music video has crossed 1.3 lakh views in just 6 days. 

Not just Safar, but his previous songs are no less. Ajay Nanda’s song “Mine” which was released a year ago has more than 1.5 lakh views on the official youtube channel. Apart from this his other songs “Never Forget” and “First Talk” have also achieved more than 100k views on youtube.

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