Ajay Sarkaria Sets Remarkable Trend As ‘Rab Di Mehar’ Opened Big At Box Office

SInce a long time, Punjabi film industry has been ruled dominantly by the singers. Most of the blockbuster films are led by the singers turned actors. Hence, there was always a question: will any non-singer artist be able to break this trend? If you had asked us this question a few days ago, we would have been as silent as a stone. But now we have the answer – Ajay Sarkaria.

Ajay Sarkaria has taken the matter in his hands. His new film “Rab Di Mehar’ was released in the cinemas on September 22. And in the opening day itself, the film did a magnificent business of more than Rs. 39 lakh. With this opening figure ‘Rab Di Mehar’ got its name registered in the history book with golden letters. The film also became one of the highest opening day grossers in Punjab industry starring a non-singer actor in lead.

Rab Di Mehar’s wonderful opening collection made Ajay Sarkaria one of the most successful non-singer artists in the Punjabi cinema. This is not the first time Ajay has boomed the box office. Earlier in 2023, his film ‘Sidhus Of Southall’ also saw a decent opening. Not only this, his other films ‘Jind Mahi’ (2022)  and ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ (2018) were also some highest grossing films of the respective years.

Looking at the success trendline of Ajay Sarkaria, it would not be wrong to say that he has come to shine in the Punjabi industry and in what style…

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Also, Rab Di Mehar is now released in the cinemas and is a magnificent love story. It stars Ajay Sarkaria, Kashish Rai and Dheeraj Kumar in lead roles. The film has received positive reviews and reaction. So. kudos to the team of Rab Di Mehar from our side as well. And for more stay tuned with Kiddaan.com.

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