Virat And Anushka Baby Boy: Will Akaay Get British Citizenship?

Virat And Anushka Baby Boy: Will Akaay Get British Citizenship?

The family of cricket king Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma has now become even bigger. Recently, on 15th February, Anushka Sharma had given birth to a baby boy. The star couple shared the news with the fans by sharing a post on social media on 21st February. Anushka-Virat has named their son ‘Akaay’.

The news of Anushka Sharma’s pregnancy was coming for a long time, but the couple themselves did not share official information about it. Anushka Sharma had given birth to her son not in India but in London, hence many users on social media were trolling the couple saying that due to her British citizenship she had given birth to ‘Akaay’ in London and that he would be called a British citizen after birth. 

Will he get British Citizenship?

According to reports, Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s son Akaay may have been born in the UK, but just being born in that country does not confer citizenship there. 

It has also been claimed in these reports that the condition for acquiring British citizenship is that one of the two parents should be a British citizen or one of them should have been settled there for a long time.

Since both Anushka and Virat are citizens of India, ‘Akaay’ may not get British citizenship. It has also been told in this report that his parents have property in the UK, in such a situation ‘Akaay’ will have a UK passport, but he will be called an Indian citizen.

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