Akal Takht Bans Anand Karaj Ceremony And Taking Guru Granth Sahib For Destination Weddings

Sikhism places great emphasis on “Maryada,” a code of conduct that governs a Sikh’s way of life. It includes principles of honesty, equality, and devotion to God. Maryada guides Sikh practices, and fosters a disciplined, virtuous life in alignment with Sikh values.

Recently the use of Perfume spray was banned at Gurdwaras as some perfumes contain alcohol which is against the maryada of any holy shrine. And now Akal Takht, one of five takhts (seats of power) of the Sikhs have banned performing Sikh rituals at destination weddings. 

Giani Raghbir Singh, the Akal Takht jathedar, has reported that decision was taken by the Five High Priests after complaints were received from the Sikh community about individuals violating the Sikh maryada (code of conduct) by conducting Anand Karaj (Sikh wedding) ceremonies with the installation of Guru Granth Sahib at beaches or resorts. According to Sikh tradition and the Panj Singh Sahiban, this practice is prohibited.

Moreover, during a meeting, the Takht (the highest temporal authority in Sikhism) dismissed the managing committee of a gurdwara in Bathinda for conducting a same-sex marriage between two women. The decree stated that members and office-bearers of the committee could never be part of a gurdwara management anywhere.

 Additionally, several individuals, including the gurdwara head, granthi Hardev Singh, granthi Ajaib Singh, raagi Sikandar Singh and tabla vadak Satnam Singh, who were involved in the wedding, were blacklisted for five years for violating Sikh maryada (code of conduct). This means they cannot perform duties at any gurdwara or religious function for the specified period.

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