‘Mainu Majburi Ch Launa Peya’: Akhil On Conducting Live Show After Sidhu Moosewala’s Death

Many artists postponed or cancelled their shows, movie releases or song releases after the untimely death of Sidhu Moosewala on 29 May. Haryanvi Singer Fazilpuria had urged all artists to not conduct any live shows and delay all their projects until Sidhu Moosewala gets justice and his killers are punished.

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However, Fazilpuria shared a video on social media a few days later and blamed Punjabi Singer Akhil for conducting a Live Show at a water park in Gurugram on 5 June. ‘Shame on you Akhil, you should have atleast waited till Sidhu Moosewala’s Tehravin on 8 June’, Fazilpuria had said in the mentioned video.


Akhil faced immense public backlash after Fazilpuria’s video. Now, via an Instagram post, Akhil has tried answering all the public’s questions and clearing his stance. Akhil wrote that he had cancelled his Live Shows at Indore on 1 June and Ludhiana on 3 June but nobody seems to notice that. 


About the show in question, Akhil said that his team and the organizers got indulged in a quarrel over cancellation of the show. Akhil wrote that he also requested them to take back the deposit but they stated that the tickets had been sold out and they had already spent bucks on the promotions of the show.

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‘They threatened to take legal action against me and I forcibly had to do the show’, wrote Akhil in the statement. He added that people have been abusing him after listening to a non-Punjabi artist and without knowing the truth. He added that he did not want to give clarifications on this topic but when other artists try playing politics, the truth has to come out.

He urged the people of Punjab to not get distracted by non-Punjabis and start fighting among each other. ‘People already want to disturb Punjab’s atmosphere and you people get convinced by them so easily’, ended Akhil with a formal apology if he had hurt anyone with his words.

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