Akhil To Release PERFECT Song On His Youtube Channel On 18 May

Punjabi Singer Akhil has planned a series of surprises for his beloved fans. He has recently announced the release of his upcoming song ‘Perfect’. 

He shared the news on an Instagram post and revealed the song will be released on his official YouTube channel on May 18th. And he also thanked fans for showing so much love to his old song ‘Beautiful’ and making more than 300 reel videos on Instagram. 


While the fans are excited for the release of this song, they should know that this is not the only song Akhil has planned to release. In fact, there are some more tracks Akhil has planned to release soon.

A few days back, Akhil shared about those songs in his another Instagram post.

Writing about them, Akhil called the songs ‘Risky Songs’ and he had kept those in his phone for a long time but never released them.

While announcing their release, he also revealed that the number of likes and views on the song will not bother him as he is only releasing them for his fans.

He added, he has planned to release all those songs before the official release of the music videos of Shopping Karwade and Paagal. 


It definitely looks like the best news and a blissful surprise gift for all the fans of Akhil. 

Though Akhil has not revealed details about all the songs, he has shared the poster and a few details about the upcoming ‘Perfect’. 

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