Akshara Singh Confessed It To Neha Bhasin That She Likes Pratik Sejahpal

Akshara Singh Confessed It To Neha Bhasin That She Likes Pratik Sejahpal

There is nothing that isn’t going on inside the Bigg Boss House right now. There are fights, friendships, strategies, games, conversations and even love stories too. The ongoing show, Bigg Boss OTT is current entertaining fans to the fullest, and if you too are following the show, then you must know that Akshara Singh and Pratik Sehajpal were connections for two weeks, before Pratik chose to break up with her and make connection with Neha Bhasin. And it ended up making Akshara decide that she will make her connection with Millind Gaba who was betrayed by Neha Bhasin.

Since then, the things between Pratik, Neha, Akshara and millind weren’t too good. But recently, both the ladies decided to sit together and clear out all the misunderstandings. Though they talked about a lot of stuff, what grabbed our attention was the confession of the Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh. She confessed it to Neha Bhasin that she liked Pratik Sehajpal. And in response to this, Neha says that she wasn’t aware of her liking for Pratik.

It all started when Neha Bhasin said that she didn’t like the statement of Akshara that ‘Mard le jaate ho’, and to this, Akshara clarified that she never said that. In fact what she said was ‘Mere Connection par nazar hai’. And when Neha asked her the reason behind her getting offended when Neha said that you’re behaving like his wife, Akshara confessed that she liked him. 

Afterwards, Akshara also warned Neha that Pratik Sehajpal is using her for the game because she is more popular. Later Neha also took this entire conversation to Pratik and confronted him, but Pratik denied all the allegations. 

But for now, the only thing going viral on social media is Akshara’s confession to Pratik Sehajpal and most of the BB fans love them and believe they can be a good pair. Their fans are also using many hashtags for sharing cute edited videos and pictures of them together. Now, will this confession take it to a new twist in their relationship or will be unveiled in a few days if Akshara Singh gets saved from eviction this week. 

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