Akshay Kumar Wishes To Drop Fees By 30 – 40% For The Audience! Here’s WHY

Bollywood Film Industry is definitely facing a tough time as most of its movies are failing to leave a mark on the box office. And in this situation, various Bollywood filmmakers and actors have raised their concerns. In fact, the superstar actor Akshay Kumar has also addressed the same. In fact, the Khiladi actor has expressed his wish to drop his fees by 30-40%.

Recently, Akshay Kumar talked about the same at the Hindustan Times Leadership Summit. He talked about the changes in Film watching culture and also addressed the fans’ demands. He said that it’s the fault of industry people that Bollywood is not working because they are not able to fulfil’s the audience’s demand.  

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He also said that people working in the film industry need to rethink and start over again. He stated, “We have to dismantle what we have made and start all over again. Think about what kind of cinema they would want to see. I want to start completely differently. And that is what I have started doing also. What has happened during the pandemic is that their choices have changed rapidly.”

Akshay Kumar then also expressed that he is ready to reduce his fees by 30-40% as the recession is ongoing. He believes the audience has a very limited amount of money to spend on watching cinema. 

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He said, “There are so many other things that need to be done and not just by the actors but the producers and theatres as well. I’ll tell you I want to bring down my prices by 30-40%. Theatres need to understand that it’s recession time also. The audience has a limited amount of money to spend on entertainment. You cannot be spending so much on it. Everything has to change. And it’s not just the theatres. We have to work on the cost of me, the cost of making the film. Everything needs to be addressed.”

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Moreover, Akshay Kumar has recently walked out of the much anticipated Hera Pheri 3, Welcome 2 and Awara Paagal Deewana. He is making headlines as he stated he rejected the movies due to creative differences, but other viral reports suggest that Akshay demanded a whopping amount to be a part of these franchises.

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