Is Ali Asgar Returning To ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show? Comedian Reacts To Rumours

Ali Asgar, who made the audience laugh by playing the role of grandmother in ‘Comedy Nights with Kapil’ and ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’, left Kapil Sharma in 2017. However, fans are waiting to see him again in the show. 

Now the actor has reacted to the news of rejoining The Kapil Sharma Show in an interview. He also talked about ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’ and told about his upcoming projects.

In an interview given to ETimes, Ali Asgar said that he is currently associated with the chat show ‘Chaddi Buddy’. When he was asked whether he would invite his friends from Kapil’s show or not, the actor said that he would love to see Abhishek, Sudesh, Kiku and Rajeev Thakur in the show because everyone is friends. He said that he will talk about this, if their dates match.

Ali Asgar told that he could not watch ‘The Great Indian Kapil Show’ coming on Netflix because he is traveling a lot these days. He is also working on some movies and going to the village for its shooting, where there are no networks. Apart from this, he also got busy with his daughter’s admission, due to which he did not get time.

When Ali Asgar was asked whether he would get a chance to see Kapil Sharma and the rest of the team again or not? On this he said, that the audience loves him so much that they keep writing to him that they want to see him back. He is  thankful to God and also to the audience that they liked his work. Further he said that he is also thankful to Kapil that he has been a part of a show in which he is not present now, still he gets so much love.

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