Truth Behind Alia Bhatt & Vijay’s Viral Wedding Picture! Here’s How His Mother Reacted

Vijay Verma is celebrating the success of his new series Dahaad. He recently gave a tour of his house where he showed off his luxury and precious sneakers and his morning coffee corner. He also showed a wedding picture of him and Alia Bhatt which freaked his mother out.

In this video he showed a corner of his house where there were all the precious photos and there was one wedding picture of him and Alia Bhatt. Upon asking about the photo, he said that it was a practical joke on his mother. Vijay shared on The Quint that ” “This is a wedding picture of me and Alia Bhatt from Darlings set. It’s photoshopped, we didn’t shoot this. My mother, she freaked out, she was like ‘shaadi kar li tune (you got married)?’ It was a practical joke on her”.

Vijay also showed his sneaker room where had kept his sneakers in glass boxes. He said that his mother calls this room ‘jooton ki dukaan’ ( shoe store).
People have liked Vijay’s role as a villain in Dahaad and Darlings. Viewers will see Vijay next in Lust Stories 2 with his girlfriend Tamannaah Bhatia who called Vijay her ” Happy Place ” in an interview with the Film companion. Tamannaah said “He is someone I really look up to. He is someone with whom I bonded very very organically. He is someone who came to me with all his guard down. Then, it became very easy for me to put all my guard down.”
Tamannaah in an interview with India Today also said “marriage is a big responsibility.” “I feel you should get married when you want to get married. Marriage is a big responsibility. It’s not a party. It takes a lot of work, and so is having a plant, having a dog, or having kids. So when you are ready for a responsibility like that which is important then you do it”.

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