Alia Bhatt Falls Prey To Deep Fake Video; Obscene Content Viral

Advancement of technology is proving beneficial in many fields. But its increasing misuse is also becoming a cause of trouble. Bollywood celebrities have been falling victim to deep fake 

videos for some time now. Now Alia Bhatt’s name has also been added to the list. This AI generated video made about Alia has now become a talking point on social media. In the video, a girl is seen sitting on the bed and making dirty gestures. Alia’s face has been added to this girl’s face.

In this viral video, a girl is wearing a floral print co-ord set. Wearing this, she is making some wrong gestures towards the camera. However, when you watch this video carefully, you will know that the girl seen in the video is not Alia Bhatt. Along with this, you will also know that Alia’s face has been pasted on someone else’s body with the help of AI.

Source: TimesNow

For the past several days, these deepfake videos of Bollywood beauties have created a stir on social media. A few days ago, Rashmika Mandanna’s deepfake video created a stir. After that, people got angry after seeing the deepfake video of Katrina Kaif and Sara Tendulkar. Not only this, these deepfake videos made with AI have raised many questions in the minds of people regarding the misuse of technology.

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