Alien Attack, Lab Babies, Solar Tsunami & More: Baba Vanga’s 5 Scary Predictions For 2023

There have been instances where people have predicted the future and some of their predictions turned out to be true. Be it the Covid pandemic or Russia-Ukraine war, there are people who claim to have predicted these earlier. Moreover, now 

Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga, known as Nostradamus Woman, has made a lot of predictions. Notably, she predicts that the year 5079, the world will end!  

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However, for the year 2023, she made some dangerous and shocking predictions, including a shift in the Earth’s orbit, which may be brought on by a global nuclear meltdown, a solar storm which would result in high radiation levels, which would definitely affect human life. Notably, she also mentions some odd scientific discoveries, such as the appearance of lab children. 

Baba Vanga even mentioned biological weapons research being conducted by a superpower, which would be destructive. Due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, this can be overlooked. Furthermore, she claims that 2023 will witness the advent of extraterrestrials, leading to the death of millions. Here are here five horrifying predictions for the year 2023:

1. Solar Storm or Solar Tsunami-

Yes, you read that right. Baba Vanga claims that the Earth would witness a solar storm/tsunami in 2023, which would lead to destruction of Earth’s magnetic shield, causing numerous disturbances.

2. Alien Attack-

Baba Vanga’s most popular prediction is about an alien attack on earth in the year 2023. She claims that the aliens (creatures from some other planet) would attack the Earth and millions would die!

3. Change In Earth’s Orbit-

This is one of the most dangerous predictions made by Baba Vanga for 2023. Even a small movement in the Earth’s orbit could result in a huge disturbance in the climate. The situation will thereafter be extremely tense.  

4. Lab Produced Humans-

Baba Vanga predicts that the humans will be produced in labs by the year 2023, claiming that those who choose to become parents would be able to opt the features and colour they want for their unborn baby. Humans will be in charge of the birthing process, which would also put an end to the surrogacy issue. According to Vanga, artificial conceptions will be outlawed and future citizens will be created in laboratories.

5. Explosion In A Power Plant-

Power plant explosions have the potential to produce hazardous clouds. Baba Vanga predicts that in 2023, an explosion in a power plant would occur, which would shroud the whole Asian continent. Due to this development, dangerous diseases may also strike other nations.

Though the year 2023 is not just a few days away! Moreover, it would be interesting to see if these predictions turn into reality or not. Notably, earlier a prediction was made, claiming that Earth would be destroyed in 2012. Surprisingly, even a movie named “2012” was made on the same principle, however, nothing happened.

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