Have You Heard Of Coty, The Brand That Owns Adidas Fragrance & Gucci Beauty?

Whether you are a perfume lover or not, you might know some of the biggest perfume brands such as Adidas Fragrances, Calvin Klein Fragrances or Gucci Beauty. But have you ever heard of Coty?

This brand sounds new to many but it’s a hundred year old brand and owns the companies like Adidas Fragrances, Calvin Klein Fragrances or Gucci Beauty. Shocked? Well, we’ll tell you some more facts about this unheard brand and the brands it owns.

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Coty was founded by Joseph Marie François Spoturno in 1904 in Paris, France. It’s been over 119 years now, it remains the number-one fragrance company in the world. But surprisingly very few know about it.

Constant innovation and unique bottle designs are their mantra to intrigue customers. In its journey of over a hundred years, Coty joined hands with many and as of today it owns a lot of brands, ranging from fragrances to skincare to cosmetics. But at the time of its origin, it only focussed on fragrances. Within the very first decade, Coty expanded its business range to include cosmetics and beauty products including hair, nail, skin, and men’s toiletries.

The top fragrance company of the world has changed ownership several times so far. After the demise of the founder Joseph Marie François Spoturno, his first wife Yvonne Le Baron took over the company. In 1963, Coty was acquired by Pfizer. In 1992, Joh. A. Benckiser G.m.b.H. of JAB, a German conglomerate, acquired the company. The Lancaster Group of brands was merged with Coty in 1996.

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As of now, Coty owns a number of popular brands and also has some of the biggest celebrities names under its portfolio.

Let’s have a look at the 27 brands that Coty owns:

  1. Adidas Fragrance
  2. Bourjois
  3. Burberry Fragrance
  4. Calvin Klein Fragrance
  5. Chloé Fragrance
  6. David Beckham Fragrance
  7. Davidoff Fragrance
  8. Escada Fragrance
  9. Gucci Beauty
  10. Hugo Boss Fragrance
  11. Jil Sander Fragrance
  12. Katy Perry Parfums
  13. Kylie Baby
  14. Kylie Cosmetics
  15. Kylie Skin
  16. Lacoste Fragrance
  17. Lancaster
  18. Marc Jacobs Fragrance
  19. Max Factor
  20. Miu Miu Fragrance
  21. Nautica Fragrances
  22. Orveda
  23. Philosophy
  24. Rimmel
  25. SKKN
  26. Tiffany & Co. Fragrances
  27. Vera Wang Fragrance

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We know you are surprised to see some names in this list. Well, we must say Coty is an unheard of beast of the cosmetic world.

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