All New Buzz About Threads App; How is it Different from Twitter

Threads is the new text-based social media app that is getting viral these days. This thread is an app from Meta that allows users to share their views and converse publically. Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg claimed that there are already over 10 million signups for this app just 7 hours since the app was launched. 

Since its release, people have been constantly comparing Threads with Twitter but the interesting thing is that this Instagram-based app is very different from Twitter and doesn’t have all the features that Elon Musk-owned Twitter has. Now let’s check out how these are different. 

Not compatible with web browsers

Threads are not compatible with web browsers. You can only use Threads on iPhone and Android phones. You can see the Threads post on web but you cannot like, share or create one. If you click on it to do so, it will ask you to install the app on iPhone or Android. 

Limited Threads

Meta owned Threads has the capacity of 500 characters.  You can add links, photos and a video of 5 minutes in a post that can only have 500 characters. Earlier when Twitter started, it only allowed 140 characters. After that, it moved on to 280 characters. Now, you have the option to post with 25,000 characters. 

Compatible with other social media platforms

Meta has announced that Threads will be compatible with external social media platforms like Mastodon which will be introduced soon. 

No Hashtags

On Threads, you cannot ass Hashtags. Unlike Twitter, the option to use hashtags on Threads is not available. Twitter is a platform on which the whole trend surrounds around hashtags. On Threads, brands and creators cannot use hashtags to promote themselves. 

Refresh in a new style

On Twitter, one can refresh his or her feed by pulling the screen down but on Threads you can refresh your feed by clicking on the Threads logo.

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