List Of 70+ Artists That Karan Aujla Has Collaborated With During His Career

It is hard to recall an artist who has brought a wave in the Punjabi Music Industry the way Karan Aujla has. Right from the song ‘Don’t Worry’ till now, he’s maintained his name as one of the best the industry has ever seen and a disappointing song is as expected from the artist as an alien attack on earth right now. 

It’s been quite a few years since Karan Aujla has been active in the industry. Apart from the wave that he’s brought in the industry, another thing that makes him a standout artist are his collaborations. In his years long decorated career, the artist has worked with a whole lot of Punjabi male and female artists. Many of them are the greats of the industry while many were youngsters, looking to have their way forward in the industry. 

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List Of All The Artists That Karan Aujla Has Collaborated With

As Featured Artist:

YG – Gangsta (Way Ahead)

Kr$na – YKWIM 

Jaz Dhami – Bas

Ikka – Unreachable (Way Ahead)

Meharvaani – YKWIM 

Goldy Kahlon – Don’t Like

Dilpreet Dhillon – Jatt Te Jawani, Baby Gall Suno, Gunday Hain Hum & Yaar Graribaaz

Jassie Gill – Aukaat & Tru Talk

Gurlej Akhtar – It Ain’t Legal, Haan Haige Aa, Chitta Kurta, Don’t Worry, Red Eyes

Amantej Hundal – Few Days

Gianimane – Hukam

Penny – Doctor

Vicky – Mind Games

Bobby Sandhu – Nanak Niva Jo Challe 

Ezu – She On It

Bohemia – Unity & Ek Din

Deep Jandu – Red Light, Snake, My Name, Aukaat, Bhang (Weed) 

Gippy Grewal – Ask Them

Sanam Bhullar – Lafaafe

Gulab Sidhu – Enough

Harjit Harman – Sharab (BTFU)

Khan Bhaini – 12 PM To 12 AM

J.Hind – Ek Din

The Game – Ek Din

Daljeet Chahal – Math

Mac Benipal – Cell Phone

Dj Flow – Burnout

Tushar – Butterfly

Raj Dhillon – Love Hate

Gurjas Sidhu – Supply & PCR

Binnie Ranu – Expensive

G Ranjha – No Dinero

Lavi Jandali – Stand

Kawal Bhullar – Demands 

Jass Sandhu – Money

Yaad – Vair

Harf Cheema – Tibbeyan Aala Jatt

Elly Mangat – Snitch

Paul G – Alcohol & Alcohol 2

Gursewak Dhillon – Scratch

Jovan Dhillon – Approach

Banka – Black Money

Jayy Randhawa – By God

J Swag – Mayback

Nijjar – Tension

JP Randhawa – Kaim Life

Navjot – Bar-Bar

B Mohit – Thaa Karke

Navjeet Kahlon – Graribaaz

Inder Chahal – Guilty, Dream

J Lucky – Mexico

Deep Kalsi – Priority

Sunny Patwalia – Ferrari For You 

As Lyricist

Diljit Dosanjh – GOAT

Vicky – That’s It 

Karn Sekhon – Rule

Gagan Tung – Dhakad 

Bal E Lasara – Questions, Velly

Jazzy B – 90 Di Bandook

Jass Bajwa – Little Bit

Robbey Singh – Mind Na Kri

Gagan Kokri – Blessings Of Baapu

Geeta Zaildar – Underestimate

Harpreet Dhillon – Long Life

Kanwar Grewal – Vaaj

Joti Dhillon – Blonde Baal

J Lucky – Break Yaarian, Water 

Karam Bajwa – Bukkal 

Sunny Patwalia – No Entry

Sukshinder Shinda – Tere Bina Yaara

Labh Heera – Goli

Puneet Riar – Akhan Terian Ch Roab 

G Money – Simplicity

Krishna Handa – Chill

Naman Dhillon – Committed

Jayvee – Silent Mind

Gursewak Dhillon – Gangster Scene 

Subaig Singh – Hard To Get

Deep Khosa – Varat

Jayy Randhawa – Nature 

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Can you believe that list? Karan Aujla has worked with 70 artists! No doubt why the man is known as ‘Geetan Di Machine’. Many singers find it difficult to release 70 songs in their careers and Karan Aujla has as many collaborations, just the collaborations! We hope the list proved to be informative to you. Karan Aujla is without a doubt a legend in making for the industry,

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