Aman Aujla Announces Diss Track Against NseeB, What is the Whole Controversy?

Popular Youtuber Aman Aujla has just dropped the poster of his upcoming diss track titled ‘Badnseeb’ on his social media portals. The track is meant to be a diss track against Punjabi rapper NseeB.

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you would surely be aware of this controversy, and for those who have just come out of the rock’s shade, here is everything you need to know about it.

It all started with NseeB’s interview that came out almost 2 weeks ago. It instantly became the hottest topic around and the clips of the interview started spreading on social media like fire. 

Actually, NseeB talked about his controversy with the late Sidhu Moosewala. Sidhu and NseeB, who once were featured in the same track ‘Old Skool’, were indulged in a beef towards the last days of Sidhu.

Even Sidhu Moosewala’s last track ‘Levels’ had some replies to NseeB. So, NseeB narrated his side of the story in the interview, which did not go well with many of Sidhu fans. 

Youtuber & roaster Aman Aujla was one of them. Aman soon made a post on his Instagram handle making his audio chat with NseeB public. 

He criticized NseeB for his comments about Sidhu Moosewala and in no time, released a roast video against NseeB on his Youtube Channel.

Now, Aman Aujla has announced a diss track titled ‘Badnseeb’ against NseeB based on the same controversy. 

He hasn’t yet announced any official release date for the track but it is set to be released soon. Manu Ramgharia has written the lyrics of the track while S7VEN has produced the music.

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