Amar Noorie’s Father Supported Her When Nobody Else From The Family Did

Every person who adores Punjabi Music Industry and is truly aware about its growth knows the real artists behind the industry’s success. There are various folk singers and evergreens artists who dedicated their lives to music and helped the Punjabi Music Industry grow. 

And Amar Noorie is definitely one amongst those. Amar Noorie has served the industry and fans with end numbers of super hit songs. She has been such a brilliant artist that no matter how many more artists get involved in the industry, fans’ love for Amar Nooroe remains the same. 

Today it’s her birthday and on this special occasion, we’re celebrating her contribution in Punjabi Industry.

We all know the kind of excellence she carries in her talent & skills but do you know like most families of old times, Amar Noorie’s family also didn’t want her to become a singer and sing.

But it was only his father Roshan Sagar who explored her talent and figured out she has the caliber to become a singer too. 

Though her mother and other relatives were totally against the idea of allowing her to sing professionally, her father helped her ignore their opinion and continue to do what she wanted.

And Amar’s dedication and hard work made her a renowned name and she definitely made her father proud too.

But we are sure her family never expected such big success for the diva.

On her birthday today, we’re not only sending her warm greetings and wishing her best, but we are also thanking her for her enormous contribution in the growth of Punjabi Industry. 

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