This Random Plastic Bucket On Amazon Costs Rs 26,000, That Too On Discount! Internet Is Baffled

We have seen many overpriced things in our lives but this one is going to leave you baffled. A random plastic bucket is selling for a whopping Rs. 26,000 on online shopping website, Amazon. “Just found this on Amazon and I don’t know what to do”, tweeted a user sharing a screenshot from Amazon of the “premium” product.

The product is labelled as “Plastic Bucket for Home and Bathroom Set of 1”. If this is not enough to blow your mind away, which we know is more than enough, here is something more for you. The 26,000 price tag is after a 28% discount! The original selling price of the bucket is Rs. 35,900. 

You would probably be thinking a bucket selling for the same price of a smartphone must have something special in it. Water refilling features, A15 bionic chip, fingerprint sensor or Face ID, it has nothing. Go to your bathroom, you see a bucket right there you bought for Rs. 500 from the market? It is the same thing!

This unbelievable product giving chills to a common man’s pocket was sure to be subjected to jokes and memes. Even Netflix India jumped into the meme fest. 

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