Amberdeep Ready For An Explosion In 2022, Unveils Movies Calender For The Year

It is already known that there are many amazing movies organised to be released in the approaching year, 2022. Every other day artists are seen making public the posters and release dates of their movies. Actor-director Amberdeep Singh is one among them, he had released the poster announcements for many films this year and now they are set to release in 2022. 

We saw many movie announcements coming from Amberdeep Singh’s end this year, where most of them were announced without any official release dates. Now the artist has shared a list of his upcoming movie releases on his social media. Starting from Feb to the mid-year, the actor-director has already made the audience well occupied with his releases. 

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Ammy Virk, Nimrat Khaira and Sargun Mehta starrer Saunkan Saunkne is ready to release in the Valentine’s month, February. However, earlier it was scheduled for its release on 14 April 2022, but now it seems that it will be pre-released in Feb. March will be occupied with the sequel of Teeja Punjab 2  whereas, April will have one of the most anticipated releases of the year, Jodi. Challa Mud Ke Ni Aya and Shikra will be released in June and July, respectively. Sohreyan Da Pind Aa Geya is also ready for its release meanwhile or maybe after all these releases. 

Here is the list for all the upcoming releases of Amberdeep Singh: 

February: Saunkan Saunkne 

18 March: Teeja Punjab 2 

April: Jodi 

June: Challa Mud Ke Ni Aya

July: Shikra

This announcement has already made us thrilled and 2022 is sure to be a year full of films and entertainment. Not only these, but we have a dozen of other movies lined up to be released in theatres in the forthcoming year. We will get to see movies of every genre and of course amazing experiments by the makers and the artists. 

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Let us tighten our seat belts and be already ready for the next year. We know you have already made the plans to witness the Punjabi movies, probably every month of the next year. 

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