Amberdeep Singh announced a new film Kandu Khera Karu Nabeda

Popular writer and director Amberdeep Singh is not at all losing his chance of announcing an upcoming film where other directors of Punjabi Industry are announcing their films one after another. Amberdeep Singh recently announced his next project which is ‘Kandu Khera Karu Nabeda’ on his social media accounts.

He shared the first poster of the film and in context to the theme of the film he mentioned that Punjab is a state which has experienced the most partition, and there was a situation in 1986 where Punjab was again on the edge of losing its one more part. But then was the time when two villages didn’t let this happen, and one of those two villages was Kandu Khera.

He wrote, “Jini Punjab Di wand hoi oni shayad kisse hor mulak Di nahi hoi .. ik hor wand hon laggi si .. san si 1986.. jad do pindan ne Punjab tutan ton bachaya ohna vichon ik pind si kandu khera .. film releasing in summers 2021..”

In his message he made this clear that the film will be released in 2021, but there was no hint towards the cast of the film. Keeping the theme of the film in mind, we are sure it’s definitely going to be a serious and not so usual content.

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