Amberdeep Singh Has Wise Advice For Other Filmmakers

Popular writer, director, producer and screenwriter Amberdeep Singh recently commented on directors announcing the release date of their upcoming movies one after another.

In one of his recent Facebook post, he wrote, “Jina kahli kahli ch filman diyan release dates pa ditiyan next year diyan … khabardaar je hun cinema’s de halaat dekh ke change kitiyan tan …. te main apni kisse film di pahlan koi date announce nahi kar reha … kyun ke corona ne ehi sikhaya hai ke kal da koi bahrosa nahi … so jad mainu lageya halaat theek ne main film release kar deunga .. … Dhanvaad … 🙏🙏🙏🙏… Punjabi original cinema zindabaad .. copycat bach ke 😄😄😄😄…”

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He directly raised questions on other filmmakers who are announcing their films, but he believes he would not do any such thing, and will release his films whenever he feels the right time has come. He also wrote that Corona has taught him that nothing is certain, and one can never be sure that whatever he plan will come out exactly.

And did you notice, while concluding his facebook post, he triggered a hint writing Copycat. Whom do you think it is for?

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