Amberdeep Singh Was Once Heartbroken While Shooting Teeja Punjab. Read To Know Why

Image Credit : NY Times

Amberdeep Singh’s directorial Teeja Punjab which was released lately shows the struggles faced by the farmers. And not only about the protest, but also about the individual lives of the characters and their families. The film has left no stone unturned. But every film has to pass through a lot of hard work and obstacles for becoming a perfect film, and to this, the film Teeja Punjab has also faced the same or we can say even more.

Post release of the movie, writer, director and actor Amberdeep Singh has shared an emotional note and shocking clip from the shoot. The clip shows the destruction of the set due to bad weather. It has amazed the fans of Amberdeep and Nimrat Khaira. As he said that they all lost hope when they saw the demolition, but the hard work of crew members and other people of the village who helped in the redevelopment of the set pays off. 

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Moreover, to this Amberdeep penned down a note which seeks out attention. It reads, “Teeja Punjab de set aye tufaan ne ik vaar tan dil tod te si jad poora set up ukhad geya si .. lageya si hun dobara set up karan nu chaar panj din jange .. per pind waleyan te sadi team di mehnat savere 11 waje nu fer shoot shuroo ho geya si”

The BTS and Trailer shows all the dedication of each and every member for making the film. Further, coming to the credits, Amberdeep has not only directed the film but written and featured as a lead actor along with Nimrat Khaia. Moreover, other popular actors like Nirmal Rishi, Karamjit Anmol and Hardeep Gill also played a significant role in the film.

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