American Politician David G. Valadao Expressed Gratitude Towards Indian Protesting Farmers

Article By : Gautam

The farmers protest of 2020, the biggest protest in human history, has now been going on for more than 2 months. A protest of such magnitude was bound to get national as well as international attention. International celebrities, athletes, social workers, organizations, politicians, Prime ministers and presidents of various countries have been showing their support to the event. 

And now another name in the same list is added of American politician, David G. Valadao, who is also a dairy farmer belonging to the Republican party. He is a representative from California’s 21st congressional district. The congressman shows his support in a video where he can be heard saying that we are watching you from here in the US and are standing behind you and supporting you in your fight for the right to exist. He also shows his gratitude towards the farmers for fighting for the rights of small farmers in India and all over the world. Also Read: Deep Sidhu Shared An Emotional Video. Said I’m Hurt

Indian government has been ignoring the comments of foreign politicians or have been labelling them as “ill-informed”. The next round of talk between the farmer leadership and the central government is going to be held on 2nd february, 2020. Do you think that constant and strong support to the protest and comments from all over the world help in creating any pressure on the central government? Also Read: Government & The Farmer Leaders To Discuss Further In Meeting On 2nd February

Article By : Gautam

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