Ammy Virk And The Team Of Sufna Offers Apology For Hurting Religious Sentiments With The Song ‘Qubool A’

Ammy Virk And The Team Of Sufna Offers Apology For Hurting Religious Sentiments With The Song ‘Qubool A’

Punjabi singer-actor Ammy Virk has been surrounded by a lot of trouble lately. He’s fallen prey to another problem as the public showed objection to his song ‘Qubool A’. The song was blamed for hurting religious sentiments of the muslim community and for this reason, Ammy Virk and the whole ‘Qubool A’ team has come out to publicly apologize for their actions. 

The song was a part of the 2020 Punjabi movie, Sufna. It is sung by Hushmat Sultana and written & composed by Jaani. B Praak has given his music to the song and Ammy and Tania star in the lead. 

Ammy Virk offered his sincere apologies by way of an Instagram post. He wrote that he is apologetic for being ignorant and naive and hurting the sentiments of the muslim community by the lyrics of the 2020 song, Qubool A. The actor added that he had no intentions to do so and was not aware that the lyrics would be interpreted in this way. Offering his sincere apologies, the actor added that their team changed the objectionable lyrics.

The lyricist of the song, Jaani also publicly apologized with the same post:

The controversy started when Naib Shaahi Imam Maulana Muhammad Usman Rehmani of Ludhiana’s Jama Masjid expressed objection on the use of the word ‘Rasul’ in the song. ‘Rasul’ is the Arabic translation of ‘Messenger or Prophet’. 

In Islam, Rasul is used to refer to the last prophet of almighty Allah, Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad is one of the most prominent historical figures in world history as he originated the religion of Islam. He is regarded as the holiest figure in the Islam religion and Allah himself has given Prophet Muhammad the highest seat in the world.

Maulana Usman Rehmani said that the Muslim community all over the world is deeply hurt by the ‘disrespectful’ lyrics of the song Qubool A. He added that Ammy Virk and his team are ignorant and should have at least referred to an Islamic scholar before using such a holy word. He asked the government to take strict legal actions against the team, even if they apologize, and if their demand is not fulfilled, he said that he would challenge the government by protesting along with the whole community. 

Though Ammy Virk and the team have offered their sincere apologies, Maulana Usman Rehmani is not ready to let the matter go so easily. He said that disrespecting religions and using such words carelessly has become a trend today and called the government to register a complaint under article 295 for hurting religious sentiments of the Muslim community. 

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