Ammy Virk Collaborates With Divine For His Latest Released Track, ‘Busy Getting Paid’

Ammy Virk is back to entertain the audience with his latest released track, ‘Busy Getting Paid.’ However, it’s special as it marks an exciting and unique collaboration between singer Ammy Virk and rapper Divine. 

The star of Punjabi music and the popular face in the rap industry have come together to create their first-ever joint track. The song promises to be a fresh take on Jatt culture and the Jatt way of life, featuring Divine and Mani Longias’ lyrics and composition with Starboy Xs’ music.

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Divine shared about the song while saying: “When Ammy sent me the track idea, I was instantly hooked to the music and wrote down my verse! Everyone brought their game to the collaboration, from the vocals to the music to the lyrics and the video.”

Moreover, Ammy Virk said: “The song represents the spirit of unity in the music industry and the values that we hold dear – brotherhood, friendship, and hard work. We strive to reinvent ourselves and our music by trying to explore more and more ideas – Busy Getting Paid is one example.”

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The song’s music and accompanying video capture the luxury and extravagance of Jatt culture, featuring stunning visuals from the beautiful city of Dubai. The video showcases luxury cars, lions, and other symbols of grandeur, all of which are a testament to the boldness of the Jatt way of life.

One of the standout aspects of the collaboration between Ammy Virk and Divine is the combination of soulful vocals and powerful rap. 

The lyrics of ‘Busy Getting Paid’ are catchy, and the song is a fantastic example of how two talented artists can come together to create something truly special. If you haven’t listened to it yet, here’s the song: 

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