Ammy Virk On His Filhaal 2 Viral Video With Akshay Kumar And Qurantine Time In UK

Ammy Virk is one of the few artists who’ve been constantly supporting the cause of the ongoing farmer’s protest in India. The singer actor has been working with Khalsa Aid to provide necessary commodities to the crowd in Delhi and has also been putting social force into the protest by sharing posts and writings in support of the protest.

The public recently blamed Ammy for being double faced and maintaining double standards by showing support to the farmers on one hand, boycotting bollywood and on the other hand woong with bollywood actors. A picture of Ammy with bollywood actor Akshay Kumar has gone viral on social media, which is the reason behind all this backlash. The singer cleared the air on the issue, claiming the photo to be an old one and been made viral to break the unity among our people. He also talked about blames regarding working with B Praak, Janni and others for money, the singer told the public that they’re brothers to him and money does not come between them. Further extending his support to the farmer’s protest, the singer-actor talked about the conditions farmers are facing in Delhi but still stand unshakable on their demands. 

The media has been trying to defame the protest or break its unity for the very beginning. Whether it be using misinformation, exaggerating things or vandalising facts. We’ve seen several instances of national media showing fake news misleading the country. We’ve seen prominent leaders post morphed photographs to mislead people of the country. And now, misinformation is being used to break the celebrity-public unity among the people. 

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