Ammy Virk’s ‘Aaja Mexico Challiye’ Wasn’t Actually Shot In Mexico! Here Is Why

Ammy Virk is garnering heaps of praises for his upcoming movie Aaja Mexico Challiye. Winning acclaim for its picturisation and hard-hitting dialogues, it gives a glimpse into a powerful story that many in Punjab will relate to. Weaved around the craze of going abroad among Punjabis, it showcases the struggle involved in taking risky, illegal routes for immigration.

Ammy Virk plays the role of a youngster ‘Pamma’ from Punjab who wants to go abroad. In order to cross the border, he has to take a different route, which leads him to the jungle of Mexico. But do you know that the jungle of Mexico or the film is not actually shot in Mexico but in some other countries? 

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It is a very surprising fact that the film Aaja Mexico Challiye is shot in cities and borders of the United Kingdom. The reason behind the same is because the cast and the crew members of the film were not familiar with the weather conditions, environment and government of Mexico.

So, they decided to shoot in the UK. But there also the team had to face a lot of struggles as they had to gather the crowd which looked similar to the Mexican people. Also, there was a time when shooting was postponed due to harsh weather conditions like snowfall or heavy rains.

The film ‘Aaja Mexico Challiye’ has gone through a lot of obstacles and shows the routes taken by Punjabis to go abroad and their hardship. The makers promise to highlight one of the most serious issues with this film. 

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