Ammy Virk’s Song ‘Teri Jatti’ Removed From Youtube Due To A Copyright Strike

Ammy Virk has been waiting to release a single track since his last released song named Dabde Ni two months ago. It was recently when he surprised everyone by announcing a party track Teri Jatti with Tania featuring in it. Everyone was enjoying the track after its release on 16 January 2022 when a sudden removal of the song was noticed, two days later.

Teri Jatti was trending all over but the sudden removal of the song from the video streaming platform, Youtube, has made the fans worry as to why it happened. It had garnered millions of views after its release. Now, when you search Teri Jatti on Youtube it shows that the video is no longer available on the platform. 

It has been removed due to a copyright claim by a person, Daljit Singh. ‘The video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Daljit Singh’, is what it says when you open the song. 

The reason for the sudden copyright is not yet revealed and to why this unknown personality has taken this step. No information and whereabouts of Daljit Singh are known. What is known is, Teri Jatti song by Ammy Virk is not on Youtube. 

After this copyright claim, a Twitter trend was noticed as ‘Fake YT Strike On Ammy Virk’, which was even shared by Ammy Virk and team on their respective social media handles. 

As of now, there is nothing else except to worry about and get anxious as to why this happened and the song got unavailable within 2 days of its release. What we can do currently is just wait for the song to get back on Youtube and the copyright issue gets solved soon.

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