Amrinder Gill and Karan Aujla together in a movie!

We told you some time back that there could be a collaboration happening very soon between Amrinder Gill and Karan Aujla, and most of us felt it would be a song.

But Karan Aujla has confirmed that talks are on for a movie with Amrinder Gill. Talking to Rajdip Shoker from Brit Asia TV on an Instagram live Karan was asked about the news going on about their collaboration and Karan confirmed that as he admires Amrinder Gill a lot, so not over a song but collaboration will be on a movie together.

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Courtesy: Brit Asia TV

When Rajdip asked Karan if wakes up like Amrinder Gill what would you do? Fanboy Karan told that because Amrinder Gill doesn’t speak a lot to people he doesn’t know much and is an introvert so he wouldn’t talk to anybody for some time and would keep quiet.

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Karan Aujla spoke about lots of other things too which you can check here:
Courtesy: Brit Asia TV

Well, first news came out about Amrinder Gill’s upcoming album which is coming after long 5 years, now this collaboration with Karan Assures Fans that there is so much coming there way to keep them entertained throughout this tough time.

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