Babbar Review: Guns, Iconic Dialogues & Giant Action Sequences Make It A Perfect Gangsta-Film

StarcastAmrit Maan, Yograj Singh, Kaka Kautki, Raghveer Boli, Yaad Grewal, Raj Singh Jhinjer & more
Writer & DirectorAmar Hundal
Kiddaan Rating

Everyone around us had their eyes longing for the release of Amrit Maan’s most awaited movie Babbar. Since the film is finally in the theaters, we watched it and guess what? The first day-first show was worth it. Though the 4 star rating must have already given you a clear idea about how amazing the movie is, reading this review will convince you even more to book your tickets immediately for the next show. 

It’s obvious and well known that Babbar is an Amrit Maan movie, but apart from Maan, it also stars actors like Yograj Singh, Raghveer Boli and Raj Singh Jhinjer in pivotal roles and many other talents as the supporting cast. Starting with the acting only, mark our words that every individual artist in the movie has performed to their fullest and you’ll be left amazed with the performance of every character. But Amrit Maan and Raj Singh Jhinjer undoubtedly turned out to be the show stealers as the intensity of their characters cannot be ignored at any cost. Also, watching the late actor Kaka Kautki on screens once again might make you a little emotional too.

Moving forward to the story of Babbar, as the name suggests, it revolves around the designation of ‘Babbar’, the chair for the man who is the king and rules the underworld. The story starts with portraying Yograj Singh as the Babbar, and the story moves forward with various people dreaming and planning to become the next Babbar. It might sound cliche, but every scene and character that participates in this will prove watching this movie a super engaging experience. A good percentage of the plot is dedicated to introducing and developing the background of the characters. And if you wish to know about the character of Amrit Maan, all we can reveal is that he plays a man who has once ruled the underworld like a king. What he does now and how he contributes as the main and the most important character in the film is all what you need to watch the movie for. Also, one more thing that needs to be included in this review, is the fact that apart from the fascinating scenes, it also includes some disturbing scenes in which children are seen included in violence and crime. And this reminds us to mention about the three brilliant child actors; Sameep Singh, Sultan & Harman Attalgarg. They were amazing and their acting skills were commendable and you’ll agree after you watch it.

After the actors, and the plot, it’s the time to head towards the man behind this excellence on screens. Amar Hundal, who is known as the action king of Punjabi Film Industry has directed this movie and ensured that he fulfills the audience’s craving for action blended with perfect drama. And not only acting, you’ll be surprised to know that there is a special appearance of Amar Hundal in the movie as an actor as well. But what makes Babbar a great watch is not only about acting, story and direction, in fact there is a lot more about the movie that’s going to win your hearts. Starting with the most amazing background score, it makes sure that the pace of your heartbeat matches with the beats of the ‘Babbar’s score’. And with it, we also need to applaud the excellent cinematography in the movie. From close up shots to the super engaging action sequences, the team behind the camera and on the editing table deserves a thumb’s up! And wait, the praises aren’t stopping here as well! We are going to talk about the dialogues as well. Ryan Khan has fulfilled his duties like a pro as a dialogue writer. 

There is a lot that has supported the project to earn a 4 stars rating from us. But what exempted it by getting a perfect 5 is the first half of the movie. No doubt it is important, but seems a little exaggerated and loose. But how the second half evolved and paced up, helped us compensate with the experience before the interval. So concluding Babbar as a Punjabi movie which has Bollywood-level action. While watching the movie, you might relive the vibe of Mirzapur, Rowdy Rathore and Gangs Of Wasseypur, so if you’re someone who’s actually liked the mentioned content, you’ll surely love Babbar as well. 

Babbar will turn out to be an amazing treat for action lovers. The film includes some disturbing scenes and a lot of bloodshed, and for that reason, it is an ‘A’ certified film, implying that only 18 and above can watch it. So make sure you add this movie in your watchlist and plan to get entertained with your friends.

PS: The ending of Babbar will leave you excited enough that you’ll leave the theater waiting for Babbar 2. And one thing that’s going to be special about Babbar 2 will be a character played by Amar Hundal himself. 

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